Meet Stephanie

Meet Stephanie



I’m Stephanie — the tall, statuesque half of ‘TheHillsMD.’ My hubby, Steve and I, have been married for seven wonderful years! We live near the nation’s capital and LOVE to travel. When not jet setting around the globe, you can find me hard at work maintaining the digital presence of a major federal agency.

As a natural-born communicator, I’ve always felt the need to talk…lol. In more recent times, I’ve found myself at the center of discussions about a variety of fashion, beauty and family/lifestyle topics. What originally begun as chats with friends about the difficult task of finding tall and/or curvy clothing, simple beauty tips & tricks and techniques for coping with life’s ups/downs has led me to create a platform to showcase all of the ways that make us uniquely gifted. is your one-stop destination for the latest trends in tall / curvy fashion, beauty and lifestyle topics.  Let’s take this journey of self discovery and grow together!

Do you have a topic you’d like me to discuss or collaboration idea to pitch? Drop me a line at!



~ Stephanie


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