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L.I.V.E. – Four Tips for Getting the Best Out of Life

Stephanie Yellow Chairs

Over the last few weeks, everyone’s been talking about how they’re going to be ‘Brand New in 2016’ or how they’re changing something about their life. As we know, New Year’s resolutions RARELY stick. I’m sure most of us have already moved on from them and we’re not even out of January yet. Ha!

Regardless of whether you create resolutions or not, one thing is true – the start of a new year is the perfect time to start fresh. But don’t let the time of year fool you;  you can ‘press restart’ on your life at ANY TIME. And that’s what today’s post is about — how to truly live (not merely exist). Just as motivational speaker Les Brown, states, “life has no limitations, except the ones you make.” Let’s L.I.V.E. life to the fullest!

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