Tall Girls UK

Black Out

Fashion to Figure Vest

Outfit of the Day

Happy Saturday! Recently I fell in love…not with a person but with three new pieces from Fashion to Figure and Long Tall Sally. The first is a black faux leather and chiffon vest from Fashion to Figure. This sassy number adds a little extra zest to any outfit. Here, I wore it over a plain black top for an added slimming effect.

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Winter Essentials

Winter Essentials TallGirlsUK

Today, I’m gabbing about three new winter essentials from TallGirls UK. The coat, dress and boot combo can be mixed and matched to perfectly complement your professional or personal wardrobe.

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‘Romper’-ing Around Town


What’s comfy, chic and cute all over? A romper! Keep reading for more details about this fabulous new romper and fly sandals that I’ll be sporting all summer long.

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How to Wear White Jeans After Labor Day

Kicking Up Snow

Hey ladies! If you’re like me, you love the thrill of shopping for something new. But when funds are tight, you have to get a bit more creative with what you already have. Don’t fret! Shopping from your own closet is awesome — at least you know everything fits. Ha! Today, we’re going to discuss three ideas to transform your summer wardrobe into fabulous winter staples. So break out your white jeans (yes, I said white) and get ready to strut down the winter runway!

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Tall Jacket Alert: My New Favorite Jacket

Tall Jacket_Tall Girls UK
Tan Panelled Jacket – Tall Girls UK

Today, I wanted to tell you about my favorite fall tall jacket from a vendor called Tall Girls. I first learned about this speciality store from a great blogger named Bree (TheTalllSociety). The company is based in the UK and was created in 1998 as a small shoe vendor for large/hard-to-find shoes. Over the years, they’ve evolved to sell everything from denim to swimwear. I simply love their motto, “fashion that fits” because it really epitomizes the plight of a tall woman. It’s all we really want — cute designs tailored for our bodies. It’s like mainstream designers forgot abut us after we left their runways. Maybe they’re all working on secret tall lines soooo amazing that it’s taking years to perfectly complement our flyness…hmm, probably not.

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